Matthew D. Brightbill Charity Golf Outing Fundraiser; Scholarships; Donations; Brite 3; Harrisburg, Hershey, York, Lancaster PA

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A Celebration of Life!

Together since their days in high school, the "Hometeam" is a group of friends that remember a departed friend, Matthew Brightbill, with a

scholarship fund, golf outings and other events that combine fellowship, community spirit and fun.

Matt was an important friend and brother to us all. His death not only taught us about sorrow but about the bond of friendship. The Brite 3 golf outings are a memorial to his scholarship and a celebration of his life.

Called the "Hometeam" by many in the Harrisburg Area, over the last 20 years, the Hometeam has celebrated in a lot of different places. The road trips to Penn State's home and away games; trips to the Orange Bowl, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, University of Florida, James Madison University, University of Tennessee, Kick Off Classics, Ram's SuperBowl, Mansfield University and let's not forget the NASCAR events. There have been trips to Cancun; Philadelphia; Myrtle Beach and Thurmont Maryland; Charlotte, NC and Ocean City Maryland. Who can forget the nights at the Rutt's Outdoor Jaunt I-V, a hometeam function. An event that brought the whole town of Harrisburg out to party.

There have been weddings, births, new homes and new jobs. The one common factor in this has been our ability to remain good friends.

With the help of all who have participated in all of the Brite 3. Matt's life and spirit will remain alive.

From all of us HOMETEAM members, we say Thank You! Without you this is not possible.

Matt Brightbill PSU Page Tournament News/Events Scholarship Sponsors